Resqte O’ The Week 3: The Magic Of Micro Fiber Sheets

By John
on 22.08.2014 Mon 02 May 2016

She has recently discovered the magic of micro fiber fleece sheets.

Give It Up For…..Benson!

BTW- allll-most lookin’ at Rule #50 there, too. [*Note: Couldn't use the basket photo 'cause it was kinda blurry, but it was Cute, believe me.

“We’re Going To Baskin Robbins?????

You’re a big ol’ Blorp, floatin’ along at the Mystic Aquarium , and you’ve had quite enough of little ankle biters waving at you and pounding on the glass. So whadya do?

[Beluga Thinks: "I'll Show THESE Kids."]

KEYS! You always need keys. And your glasses! leash, yeah!] “This is Hiro Nakamura. He is a Cavoodle , my nephew.

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